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Don’t Cry for Me Grey’s Anatomy

greysanatomy1I have precious little room in my TV watching time (which is already stuffed) for hospital dramas. As a result, I’ve never really gotten around to watching Grey’s Anatomy much despite my co-workers constantly chattering about it and a few of my siblings being fans of the show. All of these things aside, I can’t really fault the show too much as it’s ratings have continued to grow despite a few fans that I’ve spoken to that claim it’s well on the way to going off the rails of a crazy train (I went there).

I did a bit more research into this possibility, but found that the ratings have still been stellar. However, it appears that other indications show that there could be some chinks in the show’s armor. The latest data from Appdata, which tracks facebook usage, shows that Grey’s Anatamoy has been received with a “meh” lately.

Now, of course this isn’t a definite indication of how the show will perform, and in the end all that really matters is that people still tune in for the show, but it’s age seems to be showing. If you take ER, which toward the end of it’s run had nonsensical and increasingly unrealistic storylines to keep viewers coming back, and use that as a comparison, the signs are there. I’m hoping that Grey’s gets put to an end on a good note like any show should be before the writers exhaust every possible idea and you dread turning on what used to be your favorite show (You hear that Heroes?!).

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