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Download Heroes Season 2

There was a lot of controversy related to the second season of Heroes. It was actually planned out to be 24 episodes long, with the second volume originally being called “Generations.” Unfortunately the writer’s strike came shortly after, and the show’s creators managed only 11 of the original planned episodes. As a result, the upcoming season, titled “Villains” was bumped up (originally slated to be season 4) to season 3. If this is all a bit confusing you, not to worry, you can easily download and watch the second season of Heroes right on your very own PC. Just check out some of the sources we’ve compiled below:

Netflix: Netflix is a great opportunity to catch up on the series if you missed out. They actually air Heroes episodes the day after they show on NBC. This means that even if you missed out on the newest episodes, you can catch it the very next day. Of course this also means you’ll have previous seasons at your disposal, too! Netflix is currently offering a 2 week free trial.

iTunes: If you’re a big fan of iTunes, you won’t be disappointed to hear that they currently offer all of the previous seasons, albeit at a slightly higher price point. If you break it down, iTunes offers Heroes episodes for $2.00 a piece. Netflix will give you them for $0.72 per episode. Of course you can’t watch them from your video iPod either, so there are pros and cons at work here.

Amazon: Not to be outdone, Amazon’s Unbox also has Heroes episodes available to you. They began selling them in September of 2007, and continue the practice today, to your benefit. You have the option of picking up individual episodes for $1.99 a shot. Alternatively, you can also purchase an entire season at a discounted price, something that iTunes currently does not offer!

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