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Dragging Out The Comcast Merger

I mean, seriously…can we just move on already?  Last week, there were about 25 groups who joined forces to oppose the Comcast/NBC Universal merger.  Both CEOs of Comcast and NBC Universal will be in the capital to testify before congressional subcommittees on the $30 billion merger.  Congress wants to make sure that this deal, which is under heavy criticism, will not lead to higher cable television rates.

While the viewer would want a distribution of power instead of one company to rule them all, it’s going to come down to a battle of attrition.  Even if the 25 or so groups combine forces, Comcast is just too large and has more money at their disposal to tide them through the legal proceedings.  So they’ll drag their feet for two reasons, to take out the competition and to play along with Congress.

Congressional interest is high because the merger would affect 100 million homes from its delivery system, a staggering number.  While one would think that the antitrust laws would kick in, some analysts believe that Congress will approve the merger with some strings attached.  What is working in Comcast’s favor is that NBC is on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to the major networks.  It’s not like the old days where there were four powerhouses duking it out every week.  Could this be an underlying conspiracy on why NBC is in the tank?  Hmmm…..either way, this has taken a back seat to entertainment news.  This is exactly what Comcast and NBC want to happen, for this merger to be back-page news.

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