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Drew Carey Loses 80 Pounds Before Next Season of Price Is Right

Drew Carey showed off a new slimmer physique at the CBS Summer Press Tour Party in Beverly Hills earlier this week. Carey announced that he had lost 80 pounds since the beginning of the year.

“It sucks being fat, you know,” he told to People. “I was diabetic with Type-2 diabetes.”

To achieve his new look, Carey went on a no-carb diet and a carefully monitored menu throughout the day, sticking to healthy items like egg whites, Greek yogurt, fruit, grilled chicken and plain vegetables.

Going to the gym helped too. He partook in 45-minute cardio sessions, up to six days a week.

Drew says that its paid off, he’s no longer a diabetic or on any diabetes medications.

This is good news for The Price Is Right star who’s predecessor, Bob Barker, slammed him when he told TMZ yesterday that he didn’t think Carey made the show very exciting.

“[Drew] does the show differently than I did … I try to make the show really exciting. He doesn’t do that … he just plays the games.”

Later, Bob tried to explain himself to Entertainment Weekly, saying he would not criticize Drew, CBS or the show’s producers “because I have a sizable royalty that I am paid every year this show is on, and it’s going on for years.”

Barker added, “I hope this show stays on for years.”

As for his criticism of Drew, Barker said, “He’s been charming and complimentary, and he had me on the show to plug my book … to think that I would say anything derogatory about him is idiocy.”

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