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DVD Rental Online

If you are looking to rent DVD’s online, there are really currently two different routes you can take. Traditionally you needed to drive down to the video store every time you wanted to rent a movie. In the past few years a DVD rental “revolution” has taken place and now you don’t even need to leave your living room to rent a movie.

Option 1 – Netflix
Netflix is the most popular Online DVD rental service out there. Netflix allows you to rent DVD’s online and receive them in the mail, or you can watch them through the internet directly on your computer. Netflix is my first choice for renting DVD’s and movies online, mainly because of the option to watch movies and tv shows online.

I often get bogged down working, and I love to watch TV shows and movies on the side while I work. Netflix allows me to easily login to my account, rent a movie and have it stream to my computer in just minutes. Netflix has four different rental plans to choose from, which start at $4.99 a month and with all plans there are no late fees so you can keep a movie as long as you like.

Netflix offers a 2 Week Free Trial

Option 2 – Blockbuster Online
Blockbuster Online is Blockbusters answer to Netflix. Netflix really hit blockbuster hard, and to keep up they launched an online video rental service. The great thing about Blockbuster Online is the ability to rent a movie online and then return it to a store, instead of having to mail it back to wait for your next movie. Blockbuster Online allows you to rent movies and download them to your computer to watch similar to Netflix, they also give you the option to buy the movie as well.

Blockbuster Online also offers a 2 Week Free Trial

Option 3 – iTunes
iTunes is fairly new to the online DVD rental market but they are already making a huge impact. iTunes allows you to rent movies through the iTunes store. Instead of having a set monthly fee, iTunes charges per movie rental, and if you rent more than three movies a month can be considerably more expensive than Netflix or Blockbuster Online. There is also a time limit of 24 hours once you start playing a movie you rent from iTunes.

One of the advantages of iTunes is that if you have an Apple TV you can watch the movies you rent right on your television. iTunes also offers movie rental downloads in HD which is a first for online movie rental services. iTunes also offers the option to buy many of the movies, which are all priced similar to their DVD counter parts

Option 4 – Amazon Video On Demand
Amazon Video On Demand is the newest player in the Online DVD Rental market. Amazon which is already huge on the web has expanded its service and works similar to iTunes rentals. Rentals are individually priced (most at $3.99) and can be downloaded for viewing on your computer or can be downloaded to a Tivo device which is cool because then you can watch the movie on your TV.

I haven’t tried Amazon’s Video On Demand service out yet but plan to in the future. They seem to have a pretty good selection, again similar to iTunes rentals. In the end however I prefer the Netflix or Blockbuster Online, because of the low monthly fee for unlimited rentals, simply because I want a lot of movies.

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One Response to “DVD Rental Online”
onlinedvdgenious - October 7th, 2008 at 10:17 am

There are lots of packages out there for renting DVDs online. If you take some time looking through the pros and cons of each one you can find the best deal for you, depending if you want to pay monthly, as you go and how many titles you want to rent every mweek/moth/year!

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