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ESPN Couch Potato Champion

In a humorous note, ESPN has recently crowned a new couch potato champion.  And it’s not the demographic you would think.  27 year old Jessica Mosley successfully defended her couch potato championship.  This year was far easier than last year, only sitting in a recliner for 33 hours.  Of course she was allowed hourly stretch breaks as well as a bathroom break every eight hours.  This was a cake-walk compared to last year where she had to “work” at it, sitting over 70 hours in one spot.  She apparently talked a little smack last year, saying that she could’ve gone for over a hundred hours.

I thought I was a good television watcher but this girl blows me out of the water.  Chris Dachille was her closest competitor this year–he is a sports producer for a local television network and is thirty years old.  Getting back to Mosley, she earned a whopping $4,000, a recliner,$1,000 gift certificate to Best Buy, and a free year of satellite or cable television service.  But most importantly might be the Ultimate Couch Potato Champion’s trophy, a real potato mounted on a stand.  Only in America will people try and succeed at something like this and only our country would indulge this championship.  This is funny and yet sad at the same time.

If you think you’re good at this sort of thing and love television, there are always these types of contests around.  I mean she won about $7,000 in prizes as well as national recognition.  That’s pretty respectable for just sitting around doing nothing!

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