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Excitement Surrounds The United States of Tara Star

taraToni Collette is taking in much of the buzz surrounding her new show that has a bizzare but fascinating premise. The show, titled the United States of Tara, revolves around Collette’s character who has multiple personality disorder. Playing such a character who by definition suffers various and often violent mood swings from one end of the spectrum to the other can be a challenging role, and actors in the past have done so with varying degrees of success. Shockingly enough, Steven Spielberg came up with the idea originally and went to Diablo Cody to help create it, so the hype surrounding this show is not lost on most TV Fans.

“We recognized her extraordinary voice. Diablo has this uncanny ear for bringing characters to life in ways that may be unique to TV,” Spielberg says in a recorded video message to reporters gathered for the press session. “And all of us knew that this unusual concept would need exceptional acting talent to pull it off.”

As you might expect, the show will not be a recap of Me, Myself, and Irene. Instead it’ll take a serious and dramatic look at those who suffer from the controversial disorder and the journey that surrounds it. The character, Tara, starts off the series by letting go of her medication thanks to side effects and because she wants to discover how she developed her various personalities. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this one.

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