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Fight Science

Fight Science is a relatively new show on the National Geographic Channel.  In the show, scientists and martial arts master combine forces, working together to analyze fight techniques from around the world.  While doing analysis, they compare and contrast which has the strongest hits, kicks, and deadliest weapons.  The show also goes a step further to see if certain fables and legends of the fighting world are true or false.  That includes the one-punch knockout, if ninjas are really as ninja as we think them to be, and if a Tae Kwon Do master can beat his opponent to the punch.

The show is kind of a mix of Sports Science meets Mythbusters featuring some crazy CGI as well as natural human strength.  The natural fighters include some big names like the MMA’s Randy Couture and Dan Inosanto, who’s student was Bruce Lee.  They have compiled a diverse list of fighting styles as well from traditional martial arts from Southeast Asia along with the Americanized MMA.  It’s interesting to watch because they break down the sequences of the fights with some trippy computer graphics.  They show the muscles and bones and how they work in order to execute the move.  If you’re a supernerd like I am, this will definitely stimulate your noggin.

One of their findings from past shows was that a one-punch knockout is possible, but it has to be a perfect, ideal shot.  The show gave sufficient evidence to say that in a real-life fight, it probably wouldn’t happen.  Also found was that each weapon has its pros and cons.  For example, eskrima sticks were found to have good extension of range, but if a solid hit was made, the stick could potentially break.  Swords cam in two variants, but it was found that the katana was better at both stabbing and slashing (which is probably why they’re in all the cartoons).

The show has gone a step further this year and features challenges for our military branch.  In the latest episode, an Air Force pilot and an Army Ranger were spun in a gyroscope to test their ability in spatial disorientation.  It just goes to show the level of expertise that these guys have after years of intense training.  Also, it features just how far the human body and mind can be pushed, which is the main reason I love the show.  The upcoming episode will feature challenges to see if a human strike is as fast as a snake and to see if experts are as fast as other animals.  I’m pretty sure they’re not, but with these martial arts masters, you never know.

If you’re a fan of both hand-to-hand combat as well as the biological process that goes into making the moves, then you should definitely check out this show.  It’s like Sports Science, but way better.  Besides, there are only so many sports that you can analyze.  There are so many more fighting styles and they bring in people from around the world to demonstrate them.  Their arena that they work in is state-of-the-art.  If you’re a guy like me, you appreciate hand to hand combat and will definitely check this show out.

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