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First 3D Channel

I didn’t see Avatar in 3D and I won’t because, honestly, I’m not a huge fan of 3D.  Call me crazy but for one thing, I am not putting on those stupid red and blue glasses.  Second, it makes me physically nauseous.  I don’t like seeing things jump out at me when I’m watching something.  In England, the first 3D channel is set to debut early next month.  Sure it’s not in the US, but it’s still just another step in the evolution of television.

BSkyB will be the first network to carry a 3D channel, offering up the Premier League matchup of Manchester United and Chelsea.  There was a trial run earlier this year for another soccer (or football if you prefer) matchup but that was only in select pubs.  Sky Network has an agreement with an astounding 1,000 pubs in the country, and depending how this real-world trial goes, there might be five more airings of future matches.

If you’re a pub owner, would you really shell out money for both a new television as well as upgrading your current television service?  I’m not sure if the benefits outweigh the costs.  Add in the fact that people usually have the beer goggles on before the match starts, this can’t be a great idea.  I can see it now…rowdy soccer hooligans running around in blue and red glasses cheering for the Reds.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the new channel is in HD as well, so add that to the cost tag.  Pub owners, start jacking up the pint prices cause you’re gonna have to to pay off your new fancy-shamnsy television service!

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