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Fishburne on CSI Puts It Back on Top

Not that I really needed an additional reason to watch CSI, but it looks like a lot of viewers were curious and returned to the show to see the final hand off from Petersen to Fishburne. All season CSI has still pulled in rock solid ratings, but it seemed like it may be slipping a bit with other hit shows like NCIS and The Mentalist draining viewers here and there. The new lead character episode that finally had Grissom heading out, however, was quite lucrative for the network and advertisers.

The show managed to pull in the series’ highest numbers this season, with 20.6 million viewers tuning in and delivering a 5.7 rating. Not too shabby, if you ask me. With Fishburne on board the guard officially changed, I’ll be curious to see how the ratings hold up post-Grissom era. Petersen said that he’d like to do something else for awhile…I guess acting on one of the biggest crime shows ever gets old after awhile?

The fallout from such a hit night also helped boost other shows like The Eleventh Hour to a personal record of it’s own. The show revolves around Rufus Sewell who examines strange occurences involving diseases or untimely deaths..something like that, I’ve only seen one episode so cut me some slack, eh?

CSI also slid CBS into the top leaderboard for ratings, which seems to be a continuing trend these days. The other networks may be shaking int heir boots, although again I think it’ll take time for viewers to get used to the new cast and the jury is still out as to whether CSI can maintain it’s formerly unstoppable staying power.

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