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Flight of the Conchords Season 2 Episode 5: Unnatural Love

fotc_ap061107The genius behind “Flight of the Conchords” is not so much what they say but how they say it. The comedy duo from New Zealand is now midway through the second (and rumored final) season of their HBO series of the same name. Their deadpan humor and catchy songs (I had “Business Time” stuck in my head for weeks) have made them a phenomenon in the U.S. They’re success is reaching far beyond TV too as their first full length album is being released in the U.S this spring, followed by a 30+ city tour.

Last night’s episode, “Unnatural Love”, was one of the better shows this season. Jermaine meets an Australian woman at a nightclub and instantly falls in love with her even though Bret and their band manager, Murray, think he should dump her. The Australian asks Jermaine to elope with her “to New jersey” and while Jermaine waits for her in Central park, she is robbing his apartment and ducktaping Bret to the door. This is definitely a case where Jermaine should have put bros before hoes.

In a song, Jermaine recaps his previous relationships and how they ended while his “girlfriends from the past” respond in the chorus, “He doesn’t cook or clean, he’s not good boyfriend material”. But the musical highlight of the show is the techno-inspired “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor”.

HBO also debuted “Eastbound and Down” last night after “FotC”. Danny McBride (“Tropic Thunder”, “Pineapple Express”) stars as a has-been, foul-mouthed, Major League Baseball player who has to take a job teaching gym class at his former middle school to make ends meet. The series, produced by Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay, has gotten mixed reviews, some critics have taken to McBride’s spot-on performance as a washed-up ball player and others have thought it too crud to be anything but offensive. I couldn’t help but sympathize with McBride’s character (Kenny Powers) who has to move in with his older brother and hates himself for even considering taking a teaching job because it will ultimately mean he is out of the big leagues forever. If you missed the debut episode you can see it anytime on HBO On Demand.

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