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Flight of the Conchords Season 2

Ok so, apparently Flight of the Conchords has returned to HBO, and I had never seen or even heard of the show before in my life. Apparently, it premiered on the channel back in 2007 to much fanfare, and the soundtrack in particular has apparently been fantastic. With that in mind, I thought it prudent to go ahead and check out a new season of the show. The second season officially launches in January, but the first episode is available on Here’s my review, although be aware there are spoilers abound.

So, in the episode there are some legal issues to work through with Crazy Doggggz’s manager is fired by Bret and Jemaine. Murray, as a result, is out of work and living in his car. Bret and Jemaine (the main characters) are busy working on a catchy tune for Femident toothpaste, an organic toothpaste for women (really?).

Mel gets friendly with Bret and Jemaine again, and Doug is still around too along with Bandana’d Dave, who is always pretty arrogant and slightly obnoxious. If the names and characters of the show sound ridiculous to you, I’m happy to inform you that the show itself is indeed as ridiculous as the names..albeit with some pretty funny parts and entertaining music along the way. The boys eventually do get back with Murray and he returns to his old New Zealand Consulate employment.

Overall I was happy with the episode, but I may hold off on picking up the show. It did have a rather circular feeling to the storyline..since at the end everyone was essentially back to square one. The music, which is probably the most alluring part of the show, treated us to three full length songs. Femident was my favorite, but apparently earlier music was better, so I’ll have to backtrack and check out some of the season 1 content.

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