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For Nerds: Attack of the Show

aotsAttack of the Show on G4 is a show for all the nerds who love video games, funny YouTube clips, and good looking babes.  Attack of the Show, or more commonly AOTS, is hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn.  The show’s segments are pretty much the same every day where they rates upcoming tech gadgets, parody daily news, and give exclusive previews of upcoming and highly anticipated games and movies.

As for the two hosts, Kevin Pereira is the senior on the show, having been there from the first airing of the show on March 28, 2005.  His sidekicks have rotated a few times over the year.  Most recently, Olivia Munn was hired to replace Sarah Lane and began hosting on April 10, 2006.  Older nerds might recognize Chris Hardwick, the former host of MTV’s Singled Out.  While he works for G4 and hosts his own show Web Soup, he is also currently a writer for Wired magazine.  There are a couple of other segments hosts such as Kristin Adams and Alison Haislip.  They mainly rotate co-hosting if someone is on leave or doing The Feed segment.

Each show leads off with five short videos from the web.  Most are from either YouTube or Break, ranging from faceplants, crotch shots, or just plain bizarre.  Many of the funnier clips are available at the website for further viewing or sharing with friends.  These videos usually set the theme and direction of the show.  Pereira and Munn might even parody the video into a three minute sketch, something that they’re accustomed too and enjoy doing.  Munn actually is building a solid entertainment resume having recently appeared in the upcoming Iron Man 2 as well as Playboy.

One of the segments I do enjoy is De-Evolution, where Kevin and Olivia review several online videos of ridiculous stunts, usually ending in bodily harm.  They rate each video on a 5-point scale using a satirical value pertinent to each show’s theme.  It’s strange how viewers love seeing people hurt themselves and act like absolute idiots.

While the show definitely has its funny parts, the show is quite informative if you’re into seeing the latest electronic gadgets reviewed.  This is the Gadget Pron segment that is Chris Hardwick’s specialty.  It’s not a bad gig to have…get all the new gear and be able to fiddle around with it before it is made public.  And what’s even better is G4 usually gets it for free.  They review and even amount of electronics from cameras, phones, monitors, etc.  Hardwick is not afraid to throw out negative comments about the item, which is great to us viewers.  We want a truthful review, something that companies might not necessarily give.

Attack of the Show is pretty informative for how casual the show is.  They report legitimate video game news as well as make it funny.  Aside from websites and podcasts, if you are able to, you should check out the show.  Honestly though, if you just download the video podcasts, that would probably save time.  Out of the hour show, there’s only really about 40 minutes of coverage.  Either way, if you’re into gaming, you should definitely check it out.

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