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Forget the Blu-Ray Player, Get a PS3

You’re creating your own multimedia empire in your home, and the only thing that is missing is the Blu-Ray Player. You have the HDTV, and maybe you even have some surround sound speakers to go with it. Now, if you could only shell out the money for the Blu-Ray, your home would become an entertainment haven. However, to be honest, it is a lot of money if all you’re doing is watching movies.

That’s why you need to get a PS3 instead of just a Blu-Ray Player.

Why a PS3?

When you purchase a PS3, you get a system that will play Blu-Ray discs, plus all of the features of a playstation. You get to play the games, have the excellent graphics, and get to watch your high definition movies. It’s an all inclusive system. You can get everything you want out of it. Having a PS3 is much better than only having a Blu-Ray Player.

It’s the Same Price

Right now, you can purchase a PS3 for the same price as a traditional Blu-Ray player. You spend the same amount of money, but you get so much more. It makes sense to buy a product that gives you more for your money. Why get a Blu-Ray Player when you can have both for the same price?

Sony PS3 is the Most Popular Blue-Ray Player

The Blue-Ray Player on the Sony PS3 is a great system. So great, in fact that it has become the leading Blue-Ray Player. People like the idea of getting more for their money, so they are picking the PS3.

PS3 is Rated One of the Best Blu-Ray Players

There might be some fear out there for those who tried the old Playstation DVD player. The good news is that the Blu-Ray Player outperforms that system by a large margin. The PS3 Blu-Ray Player is able to stack up against some of the highest quality Blu-Ray Players. It is getting excellent reviews and a very warm welcome. It has been played side by side against many Blu-Ray Players, and has actually had better picture quality than many of them.

PS3 Basics

Of course, it’s not just about the Blu-Ray Player. With the PS3, you are getting a system that plays all games in high definition. It also comes with free online play. You can play your old Playstation and PS2 games on the console. The increased hard drive makes it a more powerful gaming console that systems in the past. Also, with its sleek design, it can fit well next to any television set. Sony has created a system that was meant to take the gaming and movie watching world by storm.

When you go shopping for your Blu-Ray Player, be sure to check out the PS3 systems. If there is anyone who even likes to dabble in games in your home, it will be well worth it. Essentially, the PS3 is free, and you are paying for the Blu-Ray Player. That is an excellent deal.

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