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Fox Brings in New Special Report Anchor

Fox has been shaking up it’s anchors recently along with a number of other programming changes. Fox recently announced that Bret Baier, who’s currently the networks chief White House correspondent, will be replacing Brit Hume for the host of the political news show “Special Report.” It’ll be the first change to the time slot in about 10 it’s no small thing. So why’d they go through with it?

Not all that flashy of an answer, actually. Mr. Hume confirmed that he’d like to retire from the show, but will be remaining as the senior political analyst there. his final show will be Tuesday, as far as we know anyhow. Roger Ailes is the chairman and chief executive of Fox News and here’s what he had to say about the change:

“Bret Baier has the combination of both hard news reporting and anchoring skills that will serve him well in this new position, his 10 years of experience with FNC will enable him to uphold the same impeccable standard Brit Hume set for Special Report.”

If you’re not into political banter (I enjoy it myself), this may not be a huge change to your usual TV viewing, but as far as political programming goes this is certainly a significant change. Other developments in the news world include Alan Colmes leaving “Hannity and Colmes” as well as David Gregory moving up to moderator chair on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” I find the whole changing and reappointing of news staff in various shows rather fascinating myself, and I’ll be interested to see how “Special Report” fairs with it’s new anchor at the helm.

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