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Frankie & Neffe: Keeping It Real Series Premiere

BET is “Keeping It Real” with Frankie and Neffe. The mother and sister of singer Keshia Cole are premiering their own series tonight on BET, despite the fact that Cole desperately does not want the show to air.

FRANKIE AND NEFFE is a spin-off of the Network’s top-rated reality show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is.” FRANKIE AND NEFFE intimately profiles the wildly entertaining mother and sister of R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

The new reality series premieres Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 10 PM/9C.

This show will chronicle the two as they try to find a way to gain financial independence (hence the show, duh) while taking on the responsibilities of implementing and maintaining positive lifestyle changes, raising families, and handling the drama and men in their lives.

Sounds like just another reality show, with the slightest different spin on it and aimed towards a different demographic. I was surprised to see this was on BET and actually expected it to air on VH1, after all– you know how they love celebreality.

If this kind of show interests you, don’t miss the series premiere, Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 10 PM/9C. Personally, I think I’ll do something more entertaining… like wash my face, fold some laundry, and sleep.

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