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Free to Air Satellite TV Sucks

I’m not going to lie. The word “free” gets me almost every time. I am the first in line for the free t-shirt if I sign up for a credit card and I will always buy two if it means I can get the third one free. However, as much as I like free stuff, I know that sometimes it’s not meant to be. That is the case with free to air satellite TV. This “free” service is not free at all. In fact, there are many things that users have to pay for when using the service.


When you go through a legitimate provider, they give you a receiver that you rent. That’s not the case with the free to air scam. With this scam, you have to pay for the receiver. Any defects that the receive gets through the years are your problem. If the receiver needs to be replaced, the money will come out of your pocket. I’ve found that setting up a FTA system can be very complicated because you need to do it yourself. With DISH Network or other satellite providers a technician usually comes out and sets the service up for you which saves you a lot of the hassle.


You’ve bought the receiver, so you’re ready, right? Not quite. You still have to buy the dish and set it up. A dish can cost a nice bit of money, so you need to save up to get the “free” service.


Once you have a setup, you have to get the information that satellite providers have to offer. You get this in the form of a card. When the signal gets scrambled, your service won’t work any more, and you will have to pay to get the card reprogrammed. This happens often and can lead to quite an expense.

The Alternative

Although some forms of Free to Air are legal, if you are picking up paid channels its not. You’re too old for jail, and you don’t want a service that is free in name only. That means that you need to sign up for a reputable service that won’t get you into trouble.

DISH Network

DISH Network is a legal solution to the satellite problem. You can pay a low monthly fee and legally get your channels. It’s much more affordable than cable, and you do not have to purchase all of the equipment.

There is no reason to choose pirated satellite TV over the legal alternative that also gives better service. Don’t allow yourself to get hooked into a scam with free to air satellite TV. It will give you more frustration than it is worth.

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