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Friday Ratings Review

There will undoubtedly be weekends where you’d like to forgo your usual going out and socializing and just want to stay in and relax (especially now that the economy is getting tight and staying at home is free!). With that in mind, it may help to take a look at what the Friday line up looks like and potential shows you might enjoy along the way. If ratings are any indication of quality…that means the Ghost Whisperer is your best bet…although I don’t agree with that assessment!

The show, which involves Jennifer Love Hewitt being a telepath of sorts who can communicate with the dead and help them move on to the next life, afterlife, or what have you, has seen a steady increase over the last few episodes, and it’s peaked this week topping out at number one. That could very well be due to the fact that NCIS was running a rerun. In total Ghost Whisperer brought in about 11.67 million viewers, pretty impressive for what’s usually considered a not-so-great time slot. Other popular shows around 8:00pm included Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Deal or No Deal, and Supernanny. With a lineup like that I actually almost consider Ghost Whisperer the best option..

Heading into the later hours, the Price is Right recently did a special episode saluting our troops, pulling in a respectable 7.31 million viewers. Runners up for the 9:00 timeslot were Don’t Forget the Lyrics on Fox and…more Supernanny! Around 10:00, Numb3rs pulled in the top slot with 9.27 viewers. I never followed the show myself, but my fiance does have a copy of the first season on dvd lying around. My brother recently picked it up and swears by it, so if you’re curious you might want to catch up on Hulu for the latest episodes. I can see why Lipstick Jungle was canceled, considering it came up in last place for the 10:00pm slot.

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How NCIS Topped The Ratings - Satellite TV Guru - November 18th, 2008 at 12:45 pm

[…] in the most-watched show on Friday, clocking in at 11 million viewers each time, if you read my Friday ratings review. USA also added NCIS reruns to it’s schedule and has seen it’s success there, too. The […]

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