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Fringe Panel at New York Comic Con

jj150On Sunday, “Fringe” Executive Producer Jeff Pinker and the show’s cast, Anna Torv, Kirk Acevedo, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Joshua Jackson and John Noble held a panel discussion and audience Q & A at New York Comic Con to talk about what has already happened and what is coming up on the Fox series. A crowd of more than 2000 fans attended the event which kicked off with an exclusive video wrap up of the season so far.


They also treated fans to a sneak peak of tonight’s episode which the panel’s moderator described as “a game changer”. The show opens as Mr. Jones teleports out of a maximum security prison in Germany, ending up in Boston. It is unclear when he entered Boston since we also learn from Walter (who had a hand in developing the technology) that this form of teleportation involves time travel. At the end of the clip, a mysterious man pays for a paper with a 2 dollar bill. The newsstand worker who takes the bill is killed immediately as skin grows over his eyes, nose and mouth mummifying him while he is still alive.


Jeff Pinker addressed some of the show’s biggest mysteries like the images that appear before each commercial break and The Observer. Pinker admitted the images are clues to what happens in the next episode and if you can crack the code, it does pay off, giving the viewer information about the larger story. He also said, “The Observer (the fedora-wearing man that is somewhere in every episode) is a single person but there may be more than one”. Pinker also let it spill that Fox was trying to get The Observer onto the platform of the Inauguration! The only guarantee he would make about anything is that “Fringe” is absolutely not about aliens in anyway. In other words, whatever The Observer is, he is not an alien.


Apparently, the show’s complexities even prove to be too much for the show’s stars to follow. Johsua Jackson admitted he had a flow chart at home that helps him follow what is happening on the show. “I’m such a nerd, I’m an actor with a flow chart”, he joked.


During the Q & A someone asked the question that has been on my mind, “what’s up with Showrunner J.J. Abrams’ obsession with plane crashes?” Pinker explained it was “a metaphor for being out of control”, adding “transportation scares us all”.  Also during the Q & A, a savvy fan told Anna Torv that he was a graduate student working on a project to read minds. He asked her if she would help him test his experiment, guaranteeing him an A. She reluctantly played along, putting on the hat he had brought along as a prop and letting him take her picture in it. The stunt got a big laugh from the crowd and plenty of high-fives for the student.


After the panel, the cast signed autographs for nearly two hours. You can watch “Fringe” tonight on Fox at 9 p.m. and check back with us tomorrow for a wrap up of tonight’s show.

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