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Fringe Season 1 Episode 13: The Transformation

fringe-cast-pictureJJ Abrams obviously has issues with planes. First, he built a whole series around a plane crash (“Lost”) and then opened another series (“Fringe”) with a plane crash.  And last night? You guessed it,  “Fringe” faced yet another plane crash. I don’t know if I would fly anywhere with this guy, maybe he knows something we don’t.

“Fringe” episode 1.13, “The Transformation” opens with a guy turning into some kind of porcupine/werewolf/hairy giant in an airplane bathroom after the flight attendant wouldn’t give him sedatives as he stood bleeding profusely from his nose. He tried to warn her, but they never listen, and the next thing we know the plane is crashing. We quickly learn that the man is Marshall Bowman and that he and another man, Hicks, were dosed with some kind of virus that will turn them into one of these werewolf things. As they are interrogating Hicks, his nose starts bleeding too but Walter is able to slow the process and puts him into a coma.

In an examination, they realize that both men had a small glass data chip implanted in their hand. Olivia recognizes Hicks from her shared memory and suspects that John Scott (whom she shares a memory with) may have the same chip and demands an exhumation from Broyles. He finally reveals that John is still “alive” and “living” at Massive Dynamic. They verify John has one of these discs in his hand but it has been damaged, they fear it will self destruct if John dies. Olivia begins to believe John was part of a bio-terrorism cell.

Olivia makes Walter put her back into John’s memory and he makes contact with her there. John tells her he was part of a top secret operation to bring down Conrad, a dangerous bio-chemist who makes and sells weapons on the black market. He reveals Bowman and Hicks were also part of this secret operation.

Olivia comes out of the memory tank and wants to wake Hicks up. Walter thinks he has an antidote to the virus that would make it possible. Olivia follows a lead to a sale Conrad is conducting in Chicago and goes undercover herself as a buyer using information Hicks has given her. As per the usual, Peter is with her and the two are able to complete the sale with Conrad’s lackeys but then he comes in and is on to what they are doing. Of course, the FBI gets there just in time to save Olivia and Peter, again.

This is a really brief overview. As usual, the episode was an incredibly dense (and intense). If you missed it you can watch the entire show on Hulu now.

There a couple “off screen” notes about “Fringe” worth mentioning this week too. First, two of the show’s stars, Anna Torv and Mark Valley (Olivia and John), got married over the weekend. Who even knew they were dating? Secondly, the entire cast of “Fringe” (even Joshua Jackson who was the one and only hold out until a few days ago) will be at New York Comic Con this weekend. There will be a panel discussion and then a meet and greet with fans, I can’t wait!

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