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Fringe Season 1 Episode 20: There’s More Than One of Everything

nimoyLast night’s season finale of Fringe wasn’t a total surprise but it did leave me excited for next season!

Walter is still MIA since he left the lab with The Observer last week. Things start to get interesting when Walter stops at a cemetery and then goes to the beach where The Observer gives Walter a coin and tells him he must remember. Peter tracks him down at the family beach house where Walter is trying to trigger his memory. Peter flashes back to the smell of pancakes his father would make him in the shape of whales. This memory allows Walter to find what he is looking for, a lock box that contains a weapon of some kind, apparently it’s a patch that can close up holes between alternate realities. He also tells Peter that during the Cortexifan studies, the children were being trained to see and possibly cross over to alternate universes.

Walter knows where Jones (Jones was the one who shot Nina though she was fine) is going so he and Peter head there in attempt to stop him from crossing over. On the way to the lake where Walter believes Jones will be, he tells Peter that he once wanted to cross over himself to get something he lost. He tells Peter again that he was a very sick kid and that he collected coins. He shows Peter a coin exactly like the coin The Observer had given him. Peter tells him he doesn’t remember any of it.

Olivia presses Nina for information about where William Bell is and Nina reveals he is not in this world, he is actually in an alternate reality. Nina explains she believes Jones is trying to cross over to another world by going through “soft spots” where the time-space fabric has begun to decay. We learn that The Bermuda Triangle is a soft spot and that there are more and more of these spots developing thanks to scientific progress. They figure out that there is a soft spot at at Reiden Lake where Walter and Peter were headed and they all go there to meet up.

When they get there, Jones is about to cross over, Olivia tries to shoot him but he is bulletproof since his escape from jail. Peter steps in to save the day, as per the usual, and activates a patch that closes the hole, chopping Jones in half.

Here’s where things get crazy. Back at the lab, Walter says he is going out for a minute and ends up back in the cemetery. This time we see the writing on the headstone, “Peter Bishop 1978-1985.”

Broyles tells Olivia they have to stop their investigation into William Bell. But Nina comes through for Olivia and arranges a meeting for her with Bell at a Manhattan hotel. Olivia thinks she is getting stood up and gets on the elevator to leave. While she’s on the elevator, the lights flicker, the elevator fills with people, then is empty again. When the doors open, a secretary welcomes Olivia and brings her to an office. On a table in the office there is a newspaper that shows The Obamas have just moved into the White House and an oxygen tank. Olivia asks where she is and who is there (you can see someone’s silhouette). The man replies, “The answer to your first question is very complicated. The answer to your second, I am William Bell.” William Bell is Leonard Nimoy (Spock himself). The camera pulls back and reveals that Olivia is inside one of the World Trade Center towers. Yes, things just got much crazier.

At the end of the episode there was a promo for season two that reveals, “What was before, is only the beginning. What is to come, is beyond imagination. This fall, answers will be questioned. Realities will be shattered. With a new chapter of Fringe.”

What did you think of “There Are Two of Everything”? What did you think about William Bell? What’s your theory about Peter? Let us know!

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