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Fringe Season 1 Finale

 Another science fiction hit television series, Fringe, follows a Massachusetts FBI team who is under Homeland Security. This FBI team uses “fringe” science to solve its cases– that is, science that isn’t quite in the realm of “real” science, science that hasn’t exactly been proven and is not quite considered to be mainstream science. Some of the ideas that they consider in their research include telepathy, psychokinesis, reanimation, etc. 

The members of the team include FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, scientist Walter Bishop, and his son Peter. The team of three research random occurring events that happen all over the world, often called “The Pattern”. The Pattern is connected by Massive Dynamic, which is a leading global research company and it holds patents for a number of new and important technologies. Their enemy is ZFT, who is a bioterrorist organization and they are  behind almost all of the strange occurrences. 

Whew! You got all that? It’s really not as hard to follow as it seems and even better? Joshua Jackson is Peter. Ladies, if you aren’t tuned in already, I know that you are surely considering it now. 

The co-creator of the show, J.J Abrams says the finale of Fringe will be “a really interesting shift in the fundamental paradigm of the show in a very cool way.” He also said of the finale: “What’s particularly cool about where we’re finally going now is the story is working on all the character’s strengths,” Abrams said. “Over the course of the season you find what’s most exciting about a character. You’ll get a little piece of Peter’s ultimate story [in the finale], but it’s also a huge turning point for the other two characters as well.”

In the finale, Special Agent Dunham will be investigating the crazy flight that landed in Boston, full of dead passengers and crew members. What they find will give you a hint to what season 2 will be all about. 

The season finale of Fringe will air Tuesday, May 12 at 9PM/8PM CST after American Idol on Fox. Be sure to tune in!

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