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Fringe Season Two Episode 21: Northwest Passage

In last week’s episode of Fringe, Peter meets a waitress named Krista in a diner. She doesn’t show up at his motel that night after her shift like she said she would. She later turns up dead with a piece of her skull opened up and Peter is brought in for questioning by the local Sheriff Mathis.

When Peter knows that part of Krista’s temporal lobe is missing and he sees Newton at the crime scene, Mathis asks him for his help. Thinking Newton was using Krista to get to him, Peter calls Broyles but asks him not to tell Walter where he is.

Peter sees Mathis’ partner Ferguson with Newton. Another girl, Gwynn is found dead, but Peter doesn’t recognize her and doesn’t realize his connection to her. He questions Gwynn’s sister, Heather, but she goes missing too. Peter tests the two dead bodies for adrenaline spikes and plots them on a map to figure out where Newton may have killed them.

Peter and Mathis find Ferguson strapped to a surgical chair at an old farmhouse. They figure out a local is using the human pineal gland for virility.

Walter gets arrested and he worries that he will be sent back to St. Claire’s. He can’t function in his house without Peter, so Astrid helps out but he’s still very unsettled. He builds a device to detect objects from the other side in hopes that he can find Peter. In the meantime, Broyles lets Olivia know Peter is in Washington State.

Newton visits a scared Peter with Walter from the other side. He asks his son Peter to come to the alternate universe but Peter won’t be able to return to this world and he agrees to go.

Check out the chilling preview of tomorrow night’s episode at

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