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Get 3 Months Free Programming with Dish Network

With cable prices on the rise, now is the time to consider switching to satellite. Now, with DISH Network, the time is better than ever to make that change. New customers can get three months free of DISH Network when they sign up. There is no hassle with the deal. Sign up, follow a few simple steps, and receive your three free months of programming.

Digital Home and Qualified Programming

In order to get the three month bill credit, new subscribers must sign up for Digital Home Advantage, along with qualified programming. Qualified programming includes America’s Top 120™, DISHLATINO, and dishHD. Also, customers that choose a higher level of programming will receive the three months of free programming.

Commit to Two Years

In order to get the three months of free programming, subscribers must commit to two years of Digital Home Advantage. The service must be kept for the duration of the two year contract in order to receive all three credits.

Credit on 1st, 9th, and 19th Bill

New subscribers that take advantage of this special offer from DISH Network will receive a $39.99 credit on three of their bills. The credit will equal three months of free programming. There are no checks to cash. Subscribers will see the credit right on their bill, making it quick and easy. There are no upfront payments and then refunds. The credit is a credit, plain and simple.


It’s quick, it’s easy, it saves money, and it’s almost over. If you are interested in receiving three free months of free programming from DISH Network, you need to sign up now. On July 31, 2008 the offer will be over and you will be back to paying full price for your cable or satellite service. Very rarely are free things offered, so take advantage of it before it’s too late.

DISH Network offers quality programming at an affordable price, and the price just got more affordable. Don’t let this deal pass you by. Take advantage of the three free months of programming today.

Pick up the phone and call DISH Network, or go here to sign up online.

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