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Get Full Length Movies on Youtube

There’s no question that Youtube is the most popular media site ever built. It has millions of videos that draw in millions of visitors from around the globe. From finding the latest hilarious commercial to remembering that video game ad you saw back in the day to watching some random guy get hit by a truck as he crosses the street, Youtube has been a great source for users and big firms alike to add in short clips of important (and not so important) content. Yet we still look elsewhere for full length episodes and movies, mostly due to copyright restrictions. That, it appears, could change very soon.

It looks like Youtube has made it’s first deal with a major studio that could allow it to stream full-length feature films. While this is certainly encouraging, I should note that the content in the deal will be “very limited” and that it’s not exactly what Youtube was aiming for. With that said, MGM Worldwide said it has created two new Youtube channels that will allow it to promote some of it’s content. The channels have two full length movies, “Lone Wolf Mcquade” and “Bulletproof Monk.” The former I have never heard of and the latter….well just watch it. It’s bad.

It also has about 40 movie clips from various movies that MGM has been involved in. The show American Gladiators also graces us with full episodes of the first season of the show. According to MGM we should expect new content in these channels every month and the streamed content will (surprise surprise) have built in advertising. MGM hasn’t hinted as to whether it will expand it’s movie offerings for full length films in the future, just that it will continue to offer a “sampling” of TV shows. Hmm…

Whatever the case, this is still a very important development for Youtube. The offering of full length content could draw users that may not have graced the site before, and other studios could line up to offer content too if there’s enough press and demand for this sort of thing. For now, I’m gonna go enjoy Bulletproof Monk for free…really it should be free anyway considering the caliber of the film.

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