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Getting Dish Network VIP722 DVR to Work With Harmony One Remote Control

First and foremost, keep in mind that Tellus, Bell ExpressVu, and DISH Network Satellite receivers are each made by EchoStar. The instructions for syncing your remote and system will be the same.

Before you begin programming your Harmony One remote you will need the remote address for your system. On the front of the receiver you will find a System Info button. Press it and it will say either UHF/IR or just IR and have a number.

The good news is that if the display says IR and the address listed is anything besides 1 then you can simply confirm the IR code in the Harmony software. You can do this by going to Devices>Your Receiver>Settings>Confirm IR> You can then follow the onscreen instructions. This should allow it to work just fine.

Things only get tricky when working in UHF mode. The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which type of remote you have.

If you are using a 6.0 to 6.4 then you will simply need to take off the battery cover, remove the tab labeled UHF/IR, flip it and reinstall. The remote will now be set to use IR.

On the 21.0 you will just need to remove the battery cover, find the toggle, and switch it to IR.

Your next step is to go into the System Info screen and press record three times. This sets the receiver to begin receiving IR. Once again you will need to go into Devices>Your Receiver>Settings>Confirm IR> and follow the onscreen instructions.
Each type of receiver has individualized power on/off commands. To set this do the following:

·       Press and hold the SAT button on the top of the remote for about 3 seconds. All mode buttons will illuminate.
·       While the SAT light blinks simply press and let go of the satellite power button.
·       Press the Vol Down for discrete power off and Vol Up for discrete power on.
·       To exit press the Select button.

You can set the Power On delay for 500ms, the Inter Key delay for 0ms, and the Inter Device Delay for 2000ms.

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