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Getting HDTV with Satellite TV

differenceNowadays the rave with every television is if it is HD capable or not.  Once you see the difference between standard definition and high definition, you might not be able to watch standard broadcasts anymore.  At least that’s how I feel about it.  High definition’s clarity makes you feel like you are right in the action.  The actors and scenes are crystal clear and if you’re watching a sports event, it almost seems like you are there.  But just because you simply purchase an HD ready television doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get HD feeds.  You have to set up your satellite subscription so that you are able to receive HD programming.

If you subscribe as a new customer to DISH Network, you have options on which receiver you want to hook up to your television.  In order to get HD programming, you have to have an HD receiver.  DISH has recently released a new HD receiver series ViP.  Their highest end receiver is the ViP 722, allowing you to watch and record up to 55 hours of programming in HD.  Also, you’re channel package must include HD channels.  With DISH Network, depending on the level and number of channels you want, you’ll either receive less or more HD channels.  The cost to add HD channels is constant at $10 but if you get the highest tier package, their America’s Everything™ Pak, you get over 80 HD channels per month.

If you subscribe as a new customer to DirecTV, the same things apply.  You need an HD ready receiver.  They have two types of HD receivers, one with a DVR and one without.  The HD receiver alone will cost $99 while the one with the DVR is $199.  The DVR allows one to record up to 50 hours of HD.  Again, you still have to buy a channel package that includes HD programming.  It will also cost an extra $10 per month and like DISH Network, the higher tier you purchase, the more HD channels you get.

Getting HD channels are pretty simple so long as you buy an HD capable TV, get an HD capable receiver, and then purchase a satellite package that includes HD channels.

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