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Glee Season 1 Episode 10: Ballads

glee10Will announces to the glee club that they will have to perform a ballad during their upcoming competition.

So, this week, they were paired off (randomly) and given the assignment to perform a ballad (with feeling) to their partner. Rachel’s budding crush on Will is only deepened when she is paired with him. Realizing he has a problem, Will goes to Emma for help who suggests he signs a ballad to Rachel that will make her realize her crush is inappropriate. But even a mash up of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” and ”Young Girl” doesn’t make Rachel see the error in her ways. What does work is a visit for Mr. Shue’s last crush, Suzy Pepper who warns Rachel of the dangers of being “mildly attractive and extremely grating”.

Finn finally reached his breaking point and told his mom and Quinn’s parents about the pregnancy. Quinn’s parents turn their back on her and kick her out so Finn takes her home with him.

Kurt got a little closer to his own crush, Finn this week by helping him though the process of telling the parents. It was sweet to see these two form a friendship but, we all know, eventually it will lead to heartbreak for Kurt.

Puck ends up spilling the beans that he’s the real baby daddy to Mercedes. She, in turn, tells him he has to keep his mouth shut since Quinn chose Finn to be the father and reminded him the most important thing to do is to just be there for both of them. So, she, Puck and the rest of club  serenade Finn and Quinn with “Lean on Me” a reminder of how much they care (and the perfect ballad).

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