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Glee Season 1 Episode 11: Hairography

eveAs the big competition gets closer, Will becomes convinced Sue is leaking the set list to their main competition, a girls’ school that’s, er, a little rough around the edges and a school for the deaf.

He confronts the director of the glee club at the girls’ school, who is played by Eve, and invites the underprivileged group to practice in their auditorium. When he sees their over-the-top performance he thinks New Directions needs something to spice up their act too. Rachel protests saying that their whole act is just hairography, which sounds good to Will and he orders up some wigs and routine to a mash-up of Crazy In Love and Hair.

When the deaf school finds out he invited the girls over, he has to invite them too. They perform a lovely singing/ASL rendition of Imagine and Will realizes the kids don’t need gimmicks after all.

Meanwhile, Quinn decides to audition Puck as the baby daddy. She has Kurt give Rachel a makeover so she can distract Finn long enough to get some alone time with Puck.

Quinn then tells Terri she’s considering keeping the baby, sending Shue’s wife into a panic. Terri’s sister arranges for Quinn to babysit for her ill-behaved children, figuring that would scare her straight and she would want to give the baby to Terri again.

Puck joins Quinn for babysitting duty and they turn out to be a pair of kid whisperers, which makes Quinn think they may be able to have a baby after all. But then she finds out he had been sexting with Santana the whole time. She realizes he is isn’t cut out to be a daddy and tells Terri their deal is back on.

In the meantime, Rachel tells Kurt the truth about her feelings for Finn and he sabotages her chances by dressing her in a slutty getup for their private Friday night rehearsal. When she realizes what he did, Rachel figures it out he has a crush on Finn too and tells him, bluntly, that they will both always be #2 to Quinn.

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