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Glee Season One Episode 15: The Power of Madonna

Last week’s much hyped Madonna episode described the material girl as a genius, an icon, an innovator and an inspiration. In the episode, Sue Sylvester takes it one step further saying, “Madonna is the most powerful woman to ever walk the face of the earth.” And it comes as no surprise she is such a huge fan, given Sue is the most powerful woman at McKinley High and she uses her power to demand that the school blast Madonna’s Greatest Hits through the PA system throughout the day.

Int he meantime, Mr Schuester sees that the glee club girls are need some empowerment so he asks them to come up with a Madonna number. The guys aren’t into it but the girls convince them its time to “Express Themselves.”

Meanwhile, Brittany encourages Santana to take Finn’s virginity. In the spirit of WWMD, Santana tells him to forget about Rachel since she’s still dating Jesse from Vocal Adrenaline. Rachel cops to the second half of that claim, and asks Finn for his friendship via a “Borderline/Open Your Heart” mash-up.

Sue accuses Will of stealing her Madonna thunder but he actually stands up to Sue, saying, “By the way, how’s the Florence Henderson look working out for you?” Sue retreats in a rage, prompting Kurt and Mercedes to offer her a new look and a lead in their Vogue tribute.

Musically, the six-way performance of “Like a Virgin”, which flipped between Finn, Rachel, and Emma as they tried to decide if it was the right time for them to lose their virginity, was definitely a highlight. In the end, Finn is the only one of the three to go for it.

Jesse St James joins McKinley High and New Directions, making things even more competitive for aspiring soloists prompting Kurt and Mercedes to join the Cheerios where they can get more solos.

In the end, thanks to an all-male version of “What It Feels Like TO Be A Girl” the guys realize they may have been mistreating the girls and decide to make things right, Artie apologizes to Tina and they share a sweet first kiss. Finn apologizes to Rachel and tells her that he really liked her, and is sorry he screwed it up. In the end, Finn buries the hatchet with Jesse and the glee club comes together, ready to move on.

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