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Glee Season One Episode 16: Home

“Glee” took a step back this week with a quieter, more emotional episode in “Home”.

First, Kurt is ultimately disappointed after trying to hook up his dad and Finn’s mom. Hoping a parental union would mean he and Finn would become housemates, Kurt set up the ‘rents at parent-teacher night and Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad actually did begin to fall for each other.

But, unfortunately, for Kurt, Finn had no desire to live with him, nor was he ready to part with the memory of his late father though the Hudson’s and the Hummel’s were starting to merge. Kurt’s father Burt took a liking to Finn, the jock he always wanted. This crushed Kurt, especially after his father told him that he and Finn were just having some “guy talk”.

In the meantime, Kurt’s fellow Cheerio, Mercedes, was scolded for not wearing a skirt was told she needed lose 10 pounds in one week. As Mercedes struggled, Quinn stepped in and reminded her that she’s always been “at home in your body, don’t let Ms. Sylvester take that away from you.”

Turns out, Sue was being dubbed the greatest cheerleading coach in the past 2,000 years by a cheering magazine and wanted everyone to be “perfect” for the pep rally. Instead of worrying about being perfect, Mercedes took it in a new direction with a rousing rendition on Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”. It all works out when the journalist writing about Sue thinks it was her idea and sees her as a visionary. Now, Sue must either be exposed as a fraud or take on her new role as a cheerleading coach who encourages equality. But first, she took over the auditorium, leaving the glee club with nowhere to sing, after all, she’s never going to completely change.

Enter April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) who was back in town and now the owner of a disco roller rink. Mr. Schue shares a duet with her (Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire”) and eventually, a place to sublet together, too. While in their new shared digs, the lonely pals seem to become something more. Luckily, Will realizes he needs more time to heal from his divorce, and April’s rich boyfriend bites it, leaving her millions. Her first big purchase? The high school’s auditorium — a gift to New Directions — or as its now known, the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion.

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