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Glee Season One Episode 18: Laryngitis

Last night’s “Glee” found Puck in an identity crisis after he had to shave his trademark mohawk to get a mole checked out. He quickly found himself on the bottom of the social ladder and decides to date Mercedes, who is now a popular Cheerio, to get back on top.

Despite Quinn’s warning that Santana wouldn’t like Puck dating Mercedes, she proceeded anyway, even though she knew she was being used by him. The result was a sing-off between the two girls to Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine,” ending in Mercedes quitting the Cheerios.

Meanwhile, Rachel came down with a nasty case of laryngitis. She finds out has a serious infection that may cause her to never sing again. Finn takes a devastated Rachel to visit his friend from football camp, Sean, who lost his promising career to a spinal cord injury. Now paralyzed from the neck down, Sean admits he is angry but along the way has discovered he had other talents and hobbies, including singing.

Rachel was lucky enough to get her voice back but didn’t forget about her visit with Sean and even visited him again to give him signing lessons.

Kurt let his envy of his father’s growing bond with Finn take him over and when he went to Sue about it, she said, “So you like show tunes? That doesn’t mean you’re gay. That just means you’re awful.” So Kurt made out with Brittany and sang John Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses” but, he couldn’t hide who he really was. When his dad saw him singing “Rose’s Turn” from the musical “Gypsy” he promised to love and fight for him no matter what.

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