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Glee Season One Episode 7: Throwdown

gleeThis week’s episode of Glee was all about tension. Tension between Sue and Will, tension between Finn and Quinn as they comes to terms with Quinn’s pregnancy and tension between the glee club as they debate what music they want to play.

The rift between Sue and Will, the new co-chairs of the glee club, sets the stage for some hilarious one-liners form Sue, who may be the best character on network TV right now. In an attempt to win over the club, Will asked what they wanted to sing. So Mercedes requests, “something a little more black.” which was immediately vetoed by Rachel who responded, ”It’s glee club not crunk club.” Quinn reported back to Sue that the “minorities” weren’t feeling like their needs were being met so Sue split the club up into two teams and of course took all of the minority students into what she called a ”special elite glee club called Sue’s Kids.” Her roll call for the group: ”Santana. Wheels. Gay Kid. Asian. Other Asian. Aretha. Shaft.”

In Will’s club drama was brewing as he brought Finn and Quinn to their first doctor’s appointment. They found out it was a girl and Finn found out he had all of the worry without any of the power as the decision to keep the baby or give it up was entirely Quinn’s. This got Will thinking that he hasn’t played any role in his own wife’s (fake) pregnancy.

He makes an appointment for Terri to visit the doctor and told her he was going with her. She freaks and recruits her sister to blackmail the doctor (she threatens to sue based on the fact that her kids are all train wrecks and he delivered them). It works and the doctor does a fake ultrasound, pleasing Will and buying Terri a little more time.

In the meantime, the school’s resident gossip blogger tells Rachel that he knows Quinn is preggers and that he also knows she is heartbroken because she loves Finn. In an effort to keep him form running the story she gives him a pair of her underwear. In a locker check later, Sue finds the underwear and the blogger ends up dashing her hopes of Cheerio world domination when he breaks the news that Quinn is pregnant. Word gets out about the pregnancy and Quinn and Will are devastated, knowing this means social Siberia for the once popular cheerleader and jock.

Will and Sue also realize that having the glee club segregated is no good for anyone (well, Will at least realizes this anyway) and Sue steps down as co-chair. But knowing Sue, this won’t be the end to her antics involving the glee club.

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