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Go Green With DirecTV and Get $20

Green is the new black. It’s trendy, and it seems to go with almost everything. Technology has given consumers more opportunities than ever to become eco-friendly. Now, green has found its way into the business of satellite television service. DirecTV is currently offering customers a $20 credit on their bill if they go green with DirecTV. Going green is a three step process that customers must follow in order to receive the one time credit.

Step 1-Email Updates

Save a tree and allow DirecTV to email you information instead of using paper to send product updates snail mail. Frequent updates can be sent right to customers email accounts, saving time, money, and trees. Think of all of that junk mail that litters up your mail box offering you discounts on certain services. Cutting out that paper mail would be doing a great service to the environment.

Step 2-Auto Bill Pay

Few people realize the amount of paper that goes into paying the bills. We write checks, put them in envelopes, and mail them off. Due to current technology, that is now unnecessary. Bills can be paid much more quickly and efficiently by using the auto pay feature that DirecTV offers. Also, there will be no more worries about the check being lost in the mail. It will be much easier to keep track of payments.

Step 3-Paperless Billing

The final step needed to get a $20 credit from DirecTV is paperless billing. By signing up for paperless billing, customers will allow DirecTV to email reminders when bills are ready to be viewed. Customers can then log onto the DirecTV website and view their bills. It is easier for DirecTV, easier for the customer, and its eco-friendly. Besides the benefit to the environment, it keeps those bills with your account information out of the hands of others. There’s no fear of someone dumpster diving and coming up with your account information when everything is kept online.

As technology makes great advances, it is becoming easier for companies to go green. Not only is it easier, but in many cases, it makes more sense. We are in the middle of a technological revolution. The old ways are being left behind, and we’re helping the environment in the process.

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