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Google TV Ads

As Google diversifies and increases their world domination, they are slowly entering the television market.  Google recently bought up the start-up company Invidi, a company that allows both cable and satellite companies to advertise to their subscribers.  Paralleled with their own GoogleTV start-up, Google will be double- and triple-dipping into the television industry.  They are trying to employ their successful strategy of internet ads and taking them a step further.

Invidi targets subscribers on a household, regional, and national level.  Currently they already have a partnership with the Big Two, that being DISH Network and DirecTV.  An important note here would be that Invidi also has access to the same information that the Big Two have when it comes to view demographics and watching habits.  This is key because they can further refine their target groups, which will probably be under 40-50 yrs of age.

Google has invested between $10-15M in this investment while Invidi has independently raised more than $85M in venture capitalist money.  The sky is the limit for both Invidi as well as its giant parent.  When I think of Google’s ads, I think of the click-and-get paid method, where Google only gets paid when because of web traffic.  But now they’ll rely less on “forcing traffic” and more on just getting eyeballs on the screen.  It is both easier to count along with the fact that most people don’t click on the banners in the first place.  Google stands to make a lot of money in this and the $95M that has been invested is pennies to what they could potentially make.

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