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Google’s Plan To Take Over The World

Even after Google has put out Gmail and Google Earth, they are reportedly developing yet another thing that you might need from them.  They are looking into the television set-top box business that includes a small test with DISH Network.  The test would use Google’s Android operating system for the satellite experience.  Viewers would be able to search satellite programming along with partnered websites like YouTube with a keyboard.  This has interesting ramifications for both companies.

While still in early testing phases, this has huge potential for DISH Network.  While they would probably have to convert their interface to run Android, the benefits would totally outweigh the costs.  For all the Google maniacs out there, and combining that with people abandoning their cable subscriptions for satellite, this could be a highly profitable venture.  DISH would definitely be the leader in the satellite industry after partnering with such a reliable company.

For Google, it would be another and far better way to display ads, which is how they make most of their money.  The commercials and ads on the interface and programming would ensure even more exposure than just being online.  This venture is truly genius and could provide huge earnings for both.  Let’s be honest, right now there aren’t any amazing set-top boxes and Google instantly brings name recognition to the party.  Android and its interface is only getting better and in the next couple of years, could potentially explode onto the market.  And unlike Apple, Google will price this affordably so that the everyday Joe can purchase it.

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