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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 5: Rufus Getting Married

gossip-girl_dl As the drama peaks and twists this season, Gossip Girl fans can’t help but watch and want more, more, more.

Season 3, episode 5 was entitled “Rufus Getting Married” was definitely an different but familiar theme last night. With the typical drama, Blairesque comments, and jealousy once again peaking, it kind of felt like the old Gossip Girl from season 1 that we all know and love.

With Lily and Rufus in the midst of ignoring each other and apparently their problems, the episode begins in what the kids dubbed as the “Cold War”. Ouch. Apparently, Lily is not too happy with Serena’s decision not to go to Brown and of course, since she was supposed to be under Rufus’ watchful eye, he’s the culprit.

Determined to mend their parents, the kids first decide to spring a breakfast on them, forcing them to talk. Of course, it just leads to even more upset between Rufus and Lily, and Lily storms away, leaving Rufus looking quite “emo,” a familiar look for him.

But don’t worry, Upper Eastsiders. The two sitting in their respective homes are gazing lovingly at a photo of the two of them together and decide they must be together and fix this right now. Of course, now Rufus is over at the Bass home and Lily is looking quite out of place in the loft.

The Lily Rufus saga isn’t the only thing going on. Carter is up to no good and although it isn’t until the end of the episode when we learn why Bree Buckley hates him, we do eventually learn that he scammed a poor, unsuspecting girl out of her money and her heart. Once Serena finds out, she’s clearly upset.

And that leaves us with the Scott drama. Georgina headed to Boston and apparently got Scott drunk, where he spilled the beans about his true parents and Vanessa’s secret. Desperate to get Dan back, Georgina tries to blackmail Vanessa into telling Dan that he needs to break up with Olivia. When that plan is unsuccessful, Vanessa tells Dan the truth and the two of the work together to try and save Rufus and Lily’s wedding day.

In the end, Lily and Rufus eventually got married in the old Humphrey loft with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon officiating. True love and a happy ending. I hope this marriage works out better for you than previous (four, I believe) marriages, Lily!

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