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Great American Road Trip Season Finale

NBC tried so hard to capture everything about these awesome game shows and reality shows that CBS seems to have such a lock on (Think Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race), but sadly for them, I think that the Great American Road Trip has been one giant fail.

Does anyone ever watch this show? Anyone? So is it any surprise that it’s the season finale this evening?

To be honest, I remember mentioning this show a while back and I tried to watch it once or twice, but my whole thought process was just “meh”. A big ole’ giant MEH.

“Travelling in their large RVs, the families drive through cities both large and small while competing in a variety of unique challenges. These light-hearted challenges are set against iconic American landmarks like Wrigley Field, the Grand Canyon, the Mississippi River, and the Washington Monument.

Along the way, the families also encounter a myriad of lesser-known and unusual U.S. landmarks like the World’s Largest Chair and a giant sneaker.

While the road trip may sound like plain family fun, the contestants are all too aware that their involved in a competition with a big prize at stake and tensions can rise.

Each week, the families are tested via the show’s challenges. The winners get a great prize while some of the losing families must compete in a second game. For the losing clan of that competition, the vacation’s over. They’re eliminated and sent packing.

By the end of the season, only one family will remain and they’ll be rewarded with a memorable and fitting grand prize.”

If this show has been your thing, awesome. Let me know what about it appealed toy ou. Otherwise, I wonder if we will be seeing a season 2.

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One Response to “Great American Road Trip Season Finale”
Loretta - February 4th, 2010 at 9:29 pm

My family loved this show…we scheduled our evening around Great American Road Trip so we wouldn’t miss anything! We hope there will be a season 2!!

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