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Great Netflix Websites

Just about everybody has or knows somebody who has Netflix. It’s essentially destroyed Blockbuster and all other destination video rental outfits, and so as with anything else this popular, a community as grown up around the company, and there are a couple informative and entertaining sites dedicated to them.

NetflixOrigami is a mashup site. People like Netflix, people like origami, people like to find uses for things that normally end up as trash. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to turn those tear off flaps into art. While there are only thirteen different designs, this sites novelty is well worth at least a few clicks. I love the envelope. It’s so meta.

The Netflixcommunity website is a Ning-built social network with a little more than six thousand users. While this might not seem like a lot, the forums are fairly active, informative and well maintained. If you need information, but also like a fairly robust community, this is a pretty good place to check out.

If you’re into this sort of thing, Netflix has recently announced the availability of it’s API. They’re following the lead of many other successful companies by essentially letting others make apps for them. I imagine that pretty soon you’ll be seeing something very cool out of this. If you’re interested, you can register for a developers account here, and then all you have to do is apply for the key. has to be considered the premiere blog on the subject of our favorite internet movie rental place. I actually had no idea that there was this much to say about Netflix. From lectures by the CEO, to Set top box bug info, these guys will keep you in the loop. The site also features other blogs and software with a Netflix bent. If you need more reference information about this company, and you’re not the IRS, you’re not looking closely enough. They have everything.

There are many other Netflix sites, but they essentially either rehash the information found on the sites I just mentioned, or replicate the community feature in a way that is not as well done. I hope you have fun, and maybe get some of your questions answered.

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