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Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 5

ga It’s finally happened– the merger between Seattle Grace and Mercy West, of course. And with it brings in a whole new slew of residents, interns, and smiling or scowling faces, depending on who you happen to be looking at.

To be honest, Mercy West guys immediately aggravated me when they clearly showed little respect for George’s locker, especially when Izzie so kindly asked her to please use a different locker. But I then reminded myself that not everyone knows what happened to poor little George O’Malley. It was cute to watch Izzie go all crazy chemo girl though.

While Meredith is in bed recovering (and aptly hiding her pregnancy, huh, Ellen Pompeo), she’s suddenly become the team pep captain. Sorry, Mer. Not buying it. She, who is queen of gloom and doom, did not suddenly become a glowing cheerleader.

Nonetheless, after Mer commanded all her colleagues not to give up the good fight, everyone then got right to work, to fight for surgeries. But Yang didn’t really seem too bothered about fighting for surgeries, or her job at that matter. She appears to be having a difficult time and finally breaks down, after losing a surgery.

Callie’s dad dropped in to make a surprise visit and brought with him a priest, as Callie so eloquently shouted out, “to try and pray away the gay”. After Arizona told him about her father, a Marine, was even able to accept her for who she is, he finally relents and it’s a heartwarming moment all around.

The biggest or most surprisingly moment of the episode however will have to be when Chief Weber fires Izzie Stevens. Putting his foot into his mouth and somehow implicating Alex, who was actually pleading FOR Izzie’s job, in my opinion, he not only heartlessly fires her, but then feeds her the HR written farewell speech, word for word. Izzie can’t take it and bails, leaving Alex a note.

Can’t wait to see what’s going down at Seattle Grace-Mercy West next week!

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