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Grissom Goes the Way of the DoDo

Well you knew it had to happen sooner or later. You counted down the episodes..watched intently as the story to setup Grissom’s exit (William Petersen) and Laurence Fishburne’s ascension to the head of the CSI team unravel minute by minute. Tonight, however, we’ll finally get to see the transition, from one era of CSI into..well hopefully anyway, the next.

From what I hear, Fishburne’s character is actually pretty well put together, and while I liked him in the Matrix series (yes all the movies…I know everyone loves to hate all after the first), it’s good to see him moving on into a newer lucrative role. In the episode tonight, the two will team up against evil..well an evil serial killer. Apparently this crazy killer guy (girl?) will be preying on couples in the city of everlasting sin, and it’ll take both of them to solve this one.

Of course, Grissom will apparently take his love of entomology somewhere else..but other members of the team may be heading out as well. Fishburne’s character is Raymong Langston..who is apparently a professor..which is a fitting profession for him given Grissom’s seemingly infinite wisdom. I mean some kind of genius had to replace him..right?

I’m always happy when a show ropes in some solid talent for it’s new lineup.. much like Law and Order has over the years.

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