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Haylie Duff’s Lifetime Premiere

Haylie Duff, sister of singer and actress Hilarie Duff wants to be up there with her little sister. The big screen hasn’t quite beckoned to her yet, so what better way to start than Lifetime?

Haylie Duff stars in the Lifetime movie “My Nanny‚Äôs Secret” (previously “A Nanny’s Secret”) which premieres on September 12, 2009 at 8PM.

Haylie stars as Claudia, a nanny for the wealthy Tyrrell family. Claudia has a wonderful job, a loving boyfriend, and a bright future ahead of her. The only thing she can’t get a handle on is her brother Carter, who is out of control with his wild partying and drug use. Claudia is always there, bailing him out of jail, defending him, and lending him money whenever he needs it. But not this time…

When Carter finds himself owing a ton of money to a drug dealer, he goes to Claudia for help. But this time she’s had enough and denies him the money, leading to a fight between the siblings. The next night, a break in at the Tyrrell’s leads to one member of the family being killed. And all signs are pointing to Carter as the lead suspect.

Claudia is the only one who believes her brother is innocent. Determined to exonerate her brother and uncover the truth, Claudia must look at those closest to her, including the man she loves. In doing so, she finds herself caught up in a web of lies, greed, and betrayal.

Check out a preview for the movie:

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