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Heroes Death On The Way

With Heroes seemingly introducing and eliminating characters at the drop of a hat, it’s not entirely surprising that there’s news of at least 2 more deaths on the way for the next iteration of the show, Fugitives. Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly recently managed to dish out on some of what we can expect in the next season. According to the piece, there will be some “significant characters” that are going to bite the big one. They’re actually going to die too..since you know, characters that seem dead aren’t really dead an awful lot these days (personally I’m tired of it..if someone is going to die, then die…if you get impaled with a sword, there’s no coming back from that ok?). If you’re hoping for Sylar biting it like I was, I’m afraid that’s a no-go, both deaths will be of the female persuasion.

Now, who’s going to die that’s a significant part of the show? Immediate thoughts go to Claire Bennet, but something tells me that’s not gonna happen. Too many people love Claire..well love Hayden Panettiere really. Angela is almost certainly going to bite it, I mean Sylar has to be pissed about what happened, so she’s got to have a big fat bullseye on her back.

Tracy Strauss is an obvious candidate, and I’d be ok with that.. Maya is also on that list of will-be victims too. There are a few others, but really nothing all that noteworthy.

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