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Heroes Destiny Webisode 3 Recap

While it was recently announced that the main character of the ever popular Heroes Webisode series to make an appearance on the main show (“as of yet”), there’s still plenty to like about this short-stint series with a fast-paced story and even faster characters. The latest, part 3 of 4, titled “Capture”, picks up where the last episode had previously left off. Santiago and his newly-discovered powers are now in the hands of Talia Winters (Babylon Five, if you happen to be wondering) and that cute Spanish girl that we’ve been seeing a lot of happens to be able to turn into water. A dubiously useful ability if you ask me, but then how do you follow up with Santiago’s mind boggling power that is hard to explain much less name?

So, what do his captors want him to do now? Not surprisingly, they have a task for him to do, and of course, he’s not in a position to refuse, either. The Spanish girl doesn’t seem all that happy about having to work with her new “project” as there’s an obvious attraction there (and her handler goes out of her way to point this out too). Santiago wakes up, springs to action, uses his super powers and….realizes he doesn’t have anywhere that he can go. Now that he’s suddenly up to discussing terms, it’s explained to him that they need him to use his gifts to their fullest potential. We also find out that Santiago’s super powers were apparently inherited (really?) and we find out a bit more about how Santiago’s powers work exactly. Accelerated probability is actually a  lot simpler than it sounds..just around…and ta da!

According to his captors, his father was an assassin, and they want him to take up his work to “make the world a better place.” He doesn’t really like this idea, especially the killing part, and vows to never kill anyone at any point. Despite their efforts of persuasion, they leave him pretty mobile, but after taking their gun, he finds out his mother is being used as a hostage, and so he has to do what they want or…well let’s say mom is sleeping with the fishes. Faced with that unfortunate prospect, Santiago decides he may as well go ahead with this little mission. Then Spanish water girl pops into the shower with him to..uh.. “save” him, and that’s where we’re left. What happens next? We’ll find out in part 4!

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