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Heroes: Eclipse Part One

If you’ve been following Heroes like I have (my girlfriend picked up the series again after abanding it after the first season..and I’ve been brought on board), you probably know that most recently, all of the Heroes lost their powers in the eclipse. As a result they’ve been lost, bewildered, and most of all, hurt by things that they’d usually shrug off in any other scenario. Watching our Heroes seem once again like frightened lost children, much like they were in the beginning of the show, has been very interesting to say the least.

Elle and Sylar’s confusion at the inexplicable loss of their powers was particularly profound. It does stir up a number of other questions, though, like how did their parents know who had powers before the eclipse came and gave them their abilities? Why does the eclipse have any affect on their powers at all? So far answers haven’t been forthcoming, but we’re just minutes away from finding out as I write this.

Hiro, unfortunately, has degraded into his 10-year-old self, and he’s back to his lovable childliek self much akin to how he acted in season one. Daphne also has her own problems, as without Arthur Petrelli around she’s not a superfast super being…but a cripple. Seriously. Once again I’m not sure how she got her power, but I guess it was activated by the last eclipse..although how Arthur gave her that power without Claire as a catalyst is a bit annoying.

The real question is what happens when everyone’s powers come back..if they do in fact come back. There’s a lot of questions that need answering, and I can only hope we’ll get that in the next episode.

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