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Heroes Hits a Turnaround

So I’ve always been a big fan of Heroes, and I’ve loyally stuck with the show into it’s newest season, “Villains.” Yes, there’s been some serious criticism from some of the fans and experts out there, but I think the show has finally started to show some expanding promise and interesting story lines. Personally, I thought Sylar should have died in season one… he got impaled on a sword and that should have been that..but he’s played such an important role in the show in later episodes that I guess it’d be a much different experience than what we have now without him…for better or for worse.

Certainly the whole jumping through time and flashing in an outbacks has gotten a bit irritating, but it seems like with the newest Villains season we may be getting some footing back. The whole plotline around the eclipse was a bit “meh” to me at first but has proven increasingly interesting. The way Hiro’s memory was restored by Seth Green and Breckin Meyer was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had with the series…which has mostly been so deadly serious that there wasn’t much time or place for humor.

Yet it is the key stories that the Heroes series will have to resolve once and for all without getting too distracted with new characters. Yes, we want to see what new powers and beings the Heroes universe has to offer..but there’s only so many people we can come to care abut in the short time we’re introduced to them. Sylar’s return to the dark side admittedly irked me a feels like we’re back to square one…season one. Sylar is a bad guy, we all knew it..and him being reformed and a relatively nice guy was ok with me, but then we turn that back on it’s head? I don’t know. I’m happy with all of the action and story with the last couple Heroes episodes..but let’s finally get some cohesion.

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