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Heroes May Be Aging, But Still Exciting

heroesThere’s no doubt that Heroes has certainly strayed a little too far off course when it comes to developing storylines and introducing new characters. The problem with a universe like this is that you pretty much need to introduce new heroes, albeit briefly, so that they can later be killed or leave the setting somehow (mostly killed). After all, while there’s been plenty of shuffling around as to who’s good and who’s bad, not all that many important people have bit it. In fact, most of them have “died” so many times you have to believe they were indestructible…well before they were actually indestructible.

Sylar for example, has gotten impaled with a sword, stabbed in the back of the head and had his throat slit, but all of these things were not enough to actually finish the job. I know everyone loves to hate Sylar and his brief run at redemption was enough to distract me from the fact that he really should be dead. It’s nice to see that Nathan is a new villain of the story in this latest season run, and while Sylar will certainly play his part, I’m hoping he’s not the end-all be all of villains (especially since he was THE villain in season one).

The latest season may have it’s flaws, but it still retains that constant aura of suspense and much as I want to fight it I can’t help but be interested. I also accept the fact that Heroes is likely starting to wind down as there’s only so many powers/people you can introduce without losing track and by association losing interest. It’s for the best, really.

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