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Heroes Season 3 Episode 1 Review

First, I’d like to begin this review with honesty. Back when Heroes Season 1 aired for the first time, I tuned in but didn’t become an instant fan like many others. Therefore, when the second episode of Heroes Season 1 returned the following week, I figured I’d give the show a second chance, but I didn’t even get halfway into the show before turning to another station. I was impressed with the superpowers storyline, but overall the show just wasn’t for me.

I guess now you’re wondering why I’m writing a Heroes Season 3 Episode 1 review when I stopped watching after the debut episode. Well, the truth is I saw the preview of Heroes Season 3 and it caught my attention, so I figured maybe the third time would be a charm and I could join the rest of the Heroes fans. The final result: I guess I’ll never be a Heroes fan, because the third time wasn’t a charm. However, I will admit that I watched Heroes Season 3 Episode 1 all the way through so I could give an honest review, and yes, some scenes did grab my attention, but I’ve discovered Heroes is still not for me.

As I began watching the beginning of Heroes Season 3 Episode 1, I was a bit confused. Heroes Season 3 started 4 years into the future, and then took us back to the past. Of course if you’re a true Heroes fan and watched the last episode of Heroes Season 2, then the beginning of this season shouldn’t confused you. At the start, you’ll discover the identity of the shooter. Soon after, you’ll witness an extraordinary miracle that could only happen because of someone’s superpowers, and the suspense thereafter will keep a true Heroes fan watching.

If — unlike me — you’re a fan of Heroes and have been from the start, then I have no doubt you’ll enjoy Heroes Season 3 Episode 1, and I’m pretty sure the end will leave you wanting more, which you’ll get when you tune in to Heroes Season 3 Episode 2.

To conclude, I hope you appreciated my honesty, and I hope something in my Heroes Season 3 Episode 1 review helped you decide whether you’d like to tune in to the new season of Heroes.

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