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Heroes Season 3 Episode 17: Cold Wars

heroes1Last night’s episode of Heroes picked up right where last week’s left off. As the show opens, Mohinder, Peter and Parkman have HRG in a hotel room and Parkman, literally, gets into his head. While inside HRG’s brain, we find out that the company was disbanded five weeks ago and HRG was not happy that his career had ended. Now that he had extra time on his hands, he was approached by Nathan who told him of his plan to collect all of the Heroes and find a cure. HRG signed on, mostly to keep Claire safe. Then he was introduced to the Hunter who wasn’t receptive to HRG’s attempt at bonding. We also find out that HRG has a storage facility filled with weapons and files. Peter goes to the storage unit in an attempt to collect everything he can but is surrounded by Nathan’s men and is forced to fly away.

The most exciting thing we learn from the journey into HRG’s brain is that Daphne is alive! Looking a couple days into the past we can see that she survived the gun shots and is sedated on a gurney under the watch of Nathan’s troops.

In the meantime, Mohinder is apprehended at the hotel. Suresh tries, unsuccessfully, to fend off the soldiers and is eventually taken to Building 26. Nathan tells him that unless he helps him find all of the other Heroes, Daphne will die. Peter flew in and was able to rescue Parkman during the raid at the hotel. They end up back at Isaac’s loft, while there Matt paints another image. This one is of himself with explosives attached to his body.

At the end of the ep, HRG meets with Angela and tells her he has earned the Hunter’s trust. She tells him that he has to convince the Hunter he’s fully on their side. Looks like their up to something, guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out more!

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