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Heroes Season 3 Episode 18: Exposed

heroesIn last night’s episode of “Heroes”, Sylar begins using his abilities to see inside an abandoned restaurant which prompts memories to come flooding back. He remembers he had gone into this restaurant once with his father. He realizes the last time he was there his father gave him to another couple. When he ran after his father, he saw him murder his mother using the same abilities he has. He tells Luke to go home and that he will continue on alone. After this revalation, he wants his father dead.

In the meantime, Mrs. Bennet finds Alex hiding in Claire’s closet and decides to help him. She gets him a fake ID and hides him from government agents that show up at their house. Claire and Alex jump in the pool outback so they aren’t spotted and end up making out under water. Later, Claire is home alone when the Puppet Master comes to visit her and tells he got a message from Rebel telling him Claire can help.

Peter and Parkman go to Building 26 to get Daphne. When they get there, Rebel gives Peter evidence against Nathan showing the Heroes being rounded up. They don’t find Daphne but as they are leaving The Hunter captures them. Peter gets shot and falls off of the building but Nathan flies up and catches him, bringing him to safety. Peter hugs Nathan just to get his flying power and then drops off the evidence to the local news who report on the government operations. The Hunter goes on a mission to prove the heroes do in fact need to be captured so he drugs Parkman, straps explosives on him and dropped him in the middle of D.C.

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